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Hydrate. Vitalize. Rejuvenate.
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Bring Your Drinking Water Back to Life.

The i9Bottle positively affects your general well-being by balancing the energy levels of your body and increasing your vitality by way of information technology and chromotherapy.

At the heart of each i9Bottle is a unique Informed Tag that positively influences the balance of water and helps water regain its naturally structured (living) molecular state. Structured water effectively penetrates the cell membranes and promotes transport of essential nutrients thus enhancing your body’s ability to rejuvenate, increasing your vitality and overall health, positively affecting your ability to combat stress, disease, and other harmful factors, and helping your body function optimally!

Did You Know That

on average, the human body is 65% water?

Dr. Gerard Pollock takes it a step further by stating that more than 99% of our molecules are water molecules.

Living water is as essential as water is essential to life!

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“Everything carries a certain vibration. Vibrations can be recorded and transferred onto another object.” – Dr. Yuri Yatsko. Using special equipment, these very subtle vibrations within substances can be captured, stored, and put to a specific use. Poznik Technology can transform matter (such as water) so that it benefits our well-being and health.
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The i9Bottle Chakra features a combination of the seven chakra colors which makes for a very powerful and regenerating energy to work with. This rainbow of colors allows you to lighten up, feel happier and more alive. It also opens the mystical realm and can connect you to your creativity.
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Hydrate & Cleanse

The 'secret of life' lies in proper cell nourishment, and the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. Our health, optimal functioning, and ageing are directly linked to the quality of the water in our bodies.

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Balance & Vitalize

Water is the key constituent part of cells, tissue and bodily fluids. Structured or informed water from the i9Bottle effectively penetrates the cell membranes and promotes transport of essential nutrients.

The Benefits Of

Rejuvenate & Heal

Structured water enhances your body’s ability to rejuvenate, increases your vitality and overall health, positively affects your ability to combat stress, disease, and other harmful factors, and helps your body function optimally.

Drinking i9 Water

Color Vibrations


works through various spectrums of light—with the objective of healing our body as a whole—wherein every color touches on the physical, cognitive, emotional, or spiritual part of who we are.



The i9 informed water bottle is a must for any serious athlete or individual seeking true health and optimum performance in sports and life! The i9 bottle is the perfect choice to provide us structured water. With informed water consumption we raise our health and well-being to another level. It is cutting-edge new science and I wasn’t able to find it anywhere else.

Dr. Martin Weiss, DC (LIFE Chiropractic College West, San Francisco Bay Area)

I was a sceptic, but did the simple 6 day apple test and now I am a total believer. Wherever you go, whatever you are doing, keep this bottle with you. It looks great and does wonders for your body.

Joe F.R. (Executive Consultant at RedMarketing)

I have always preferred water from a glass bottle rather than a plastic one, as I am concerned about chemicals leaking from the plastic into me. I am sure we will see this very new yet eclectic technology in many places in the home in the future. In the meantime, in the struggle we constantly face to reduce the level of toxins we ingest, switching from your plastic water bottle you take to the gym to the i9 glass bottle could potentially have as important health benefits as going to the gym itself!

Julian M. Winer (Bsc (Ost) D.O. Winer Clinics London)

Heal, Support, Strengthen

Designed with a Mission

i9 products are a result of an inner need and the restless spirit of Vili Poznik, inventor and founder of Poznik Information Technologies.

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