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The i9Bottle positively affects your general well-being by balancing the energy levels of your body and increasing your vitality by way of information technology and chromotherapy.

It is possible to
record information and
transfer it to another object.

—Dr. Yuri Yatsko

As distinguished physicist and scientist Dr. Yuri Yatsko explains:

“Everything carries a certain vibration. Vibrations can be recorded and transferred onto another object.”

The technology enabling this is not new; it was developed in the previous century. It uses a device called a chembuster——the modern-day version of the cloudbuster invented by Wilhelm Reich, the man who discovered orgone energy——which can transfer information without limitations. It can be used for transferring thoughts, wishes, and even the efficacy of medicine. In layman’s terms: an ‘informed’ product is a product with added information that has a positive impact on living organisms.

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Vibrations

Everything in the Universe has a vibration

Everything on this planet carries a certain code or information.

The energy of every living creature is unique, just like fingerprints.

Every substance emits its own information also, a subtle vibration.

Poznik Technology

Using special equipment, these very subtle vibrations within substances can be captured, stored, and put to a specific use. While these were once stored in water, flint and silicon oxide have long been used in its place. Information can now be ‘imprinted’ into different materials: glass, metal, plastic, and so on. And for over half a century, information has been translated into numbers.

Poznik Technology presents a combination of numerous scientific procedures that affect molecules in various substances, such as water, glass, plastic, metal, etc., by way of information or code.

Through a precise implementation of the Poznik Technology, one can choose, magnify and imprint specific energy information (vibration). The information is imprinted in numbers, with every number containing hundreds of pieces of information, which are the fruits of decades-long research. Poznik Technology can transform matter (water, air, etc.) so that it benefits our well-being, mood, and health. The informing process neutralizes negative radiation and information contamination which is, in contrast to quantifiable chemical pollution, not yet tractable.

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The Informed Tag

i9 keeps your water alive

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. i9 Keeps Your Water Alive
Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Combination of Technologies

Combination of Technologies

Poznik Technology presents a combination of numerous scientific procedures:

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Information Imprint Technology

Information Imprint Technology

State estimation of objects, beings, and circumstances

Developing protocols and approaches for changing the present state; creating information imprints of people, animals, plants, space, and the environment; and technology that is harmonized with the help of natural laws.

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Data Capture and Treatment Technology

Data Capture and Treatment Technology

Code inscription of element properties and vibrations

Evaluation of different states and influences; methods of balancing and the removal of the causes; using numerical inscriptions, energy form calculations, color influence characteristics, audio transcriptions, and sociological, philosophical and historical elements; producing a code inscription for the processing of changes.

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Information Transfer Technology

Information Transfer Technology

Data transfer with orgone emitters

Transferring up to hundreds of thousands clusters of information; transferring universal information and carefully selected information for specific purposes; functioning at a broader or a narrower scale; using orgone emitters of our own design, improved and protected by copyright.

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Hydronic Technology

Hydronic Technology

Includes knowledge about imprint, transfer, data capturing, and treatment technology

Removes negative information in water; helps to vitalize and revive water on a large scale; contributes to reducing the genotoxicity level; and influences the structure and electrodynamics of any molecular compound.

The microcosmic ‘Magic Life’ energy symbol

The heart of Poznik Technology is a microcosmic energy symbol, derived from the ‘Magic Life’ protective form, to positively affect water in terms of its structure and information properties, and our body as a result.

This symbol gets enhanced with a precise selection of information (vibrations) in the form of information codes. Furthermore, orgone emitters in the Poznik lab inscribe the energy symbol──in addition to the selection of information──with a frequency for stabilization, activation, and information transfer by way of emitting the information so it can be directed and used usefully.

With our innovative approach, we are able to do the following:  open and stabilize the chakras in a very short time (150% in just a few minutes), balance the chakras (with an increased exchange of information), offer protection against geopathic interference, increase the value of biophotons in water, add comprehensive impact on processes in a way that stabilization and balance are ensured in a short time, and tune processes via paragenetic stabilization with an increased exchange of information between fine and material/substantial components.

Backed by Science

Evidence-Based Test Results

reliably and scientifically confirm that the influences of the i9Bottle on water are truly effective.

Gas Discharge Visualization test

The Berlin Institute of Electrophotonics awarded the i9Bottle the Certificate of Excellence. Scientists compared the energy state of water in a regular bottle versus an i9Bottle by employing a Gas Discharge Visualization (GVD) camera. The analysis demonstrated that the photon emission in the i9Bottle was 6-7 percent higher than in its counterpart, which suggests i9 water has a higher energy content. A detailed research revealed drinking water from an i9Bottle improves not only the human energetic bio-field but also lowers stress levels when compared to drinking water from a normal glass.

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. GVDCopyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. GVD Photon Emission Photon Emission

Test Result

Photon Emission

Test Result

Body Energy

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. GVD Body Energy
Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. GVD Body Stress Level

Test Result

Body Stress Level

GVD Test


Allium Cepa Test

conducted by the Laboratory of Plant Cytogenetics; Peter Firbas, BSc. in Biology, Private Researcher

The so-called “onion tests” are considered to be the standard in environmental monitoring, and are used as the bio-indicator for evaluating environmental pollution. They are deemed very efficient scientific procedures for water quality research as they give unyielding evidence of the quality of water and, unlike chemical tests, show the comprehensive pollution effects instead of only the presence of substances sought by methods employed by analytical chemistry.

The Allium Cepa test is a test used for establishing genotoxicity of earth ecosystems—water, ground, air, and other media. Frequency of chromosomal aberrations is established in root tip cells of the test plant’s (common onion, Allium Cepa L.) roots where evidence of potential genotoxic substances is provided. The test takes into account comprehensive influence and mutual action between genotoxic substances and genetic material (chromatin, chromosomes).

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Allium Cepa Test - Chromosomes

Test Result


Test Result


Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Allium Cepa Test - Genotoxicity

Darkfield Microscopy Test

A Darkfield Microscopy is a blood test in which a drop of blood is taken and looked at immediately using a special form of lighting that allows us to see living cells without staining.  This test allows us to evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells and shows how the blood behaves in the body while providing a clear picture of health at a cellular level. The advantage of this analysis is the ability to detect disorders sooner while the problem is in the initial stages.

Copyright © 2020 i9 d.o.o. Darkfield Microscopy Test

Test Result

Darkfield Microscopy

Informed water
from the i9Bottle

subsequently contains all the qualities equal to those found in the healthiest living water—fortified with additional information—to support an active and healthy life. The silicone bands on each i9Bottle, available in the various chakra colors, further allow you to benefit to the fullest from the potential of our i9Bottle! Be proactive about improving and maintaining your level of health and well-being & get your i9Bottle today!