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and fine-tuning all the beneficial vibrations needed by your body, at any given moment!

The i9Bottle enables water structure to be changed back into its purest form, giving it the taste and effect of a fresh mountain spring. Through establishing the right balance, water regains its natural molecular structure.

The benefits of drinking enough water are many and all are of importance to maintain our physical and mental health: it improves body hydration, increases mental and physical fitness, improves energy levels and increases strength, improves our immune system and regenerates cells, improves blood circulation, slows ageing, and promotes body detox and tighter skin—just to name a few.

But what if all the water you are drinking is, in its essense, DEAD?

Modern water treatment, distribution systems and pollution

cause water to become de-structured (dead), thus losing its natural vitality, self-cleansing and antibacterial properties. De-structured water molecules accumulate in larger clusters, making it difficult to be absorbed (penetrate the cell membranes) by living organisms.

As a result, water cannot sufficiently supply the cells with the appropriate nutrients nor can it eliminate their toxins. When the nutrients, along with water, are unable to enter the cells, the cells eventually dehydrate and perish due to contamination with their own waste.

That affects the body which is forced to use its own energy reserves in order to re-structure these enlarged molecule clusters into a form suitable for absorption and all bodily functions, thus subsequently consuming more energy to maintain its immune system and the processes involved in nutrient metabolism. As a result, our health and immune system, as well as our energy levels, are being compromised.

At the heart of

each i9Bottle is a unique Informed Tag

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The i9 Informed Tag enables

the process of informing water

Benefits of drinking i9 informed water

Copyright © 2020 i9BottleUSA i9 Enhances Your Quality of Life

Enhances Your Quality of Life

Copyright © 2020 i9BottleUSA i9 Contributes to Better Hydration

Contributes to Better Hydration

Copyright © 2020 i9BottleUSA i9 Positively Increases Vitality

Positively Increases Vitality

Copyright © 2020 i9BottleUSA i9 Promotes Rejuvenation and Organism Regeneration

Promotes Rejuvenation & Organism Regeneration

Copyright © 2020 i9BottleUSA i9 Provides Quality Water for Animals and Pets

Provides Quality Drinking Water for Animals & Pets

Copyright © 2020 i9BottleUSA i9 Augments Plant Growth and Promotes Plant Resilience

Augments Plant Growth & Promotes Plant Resilience

Your i9Bottle helps you
make our planet cleaner.

Did you know that roughly 3 million tons of plastic are used worldwide every year for disposable drinking bottles?

Less than 1% of all plastic is recycled and more than 99% of plastics are incinerated or end up in a landfill! In addition to the water sold in plastic bottles, every liter sold represents three liters of water used in the production process of plastic bottle. Plastic manufacturing is estimated to use 8 percent of yearly global oil production. That’s why we choose glass: endlessly recyclable, exclusively natural, and the safest for the environment.

i9Bottles are beautifully designed reusable bottles. You can refill your i9Bottle as many times as you want, and drinking the recommended daily intake of informed water means a healthier you!




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increases focus and concentration - improves resistance against illnesses - lowers stress, worry & anxiety and improves sleep - helps with headaches and migraines - improves digestion - reduces irritation, anger & frustration - greater inner peace & happiness - increases confidence & self-esteem - improves mental and physical well-being