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The Throat Chakra is represented by the colors pale blue or turquoise. This chakra is related to communication, independence, and expressing the Self. It is suggested that the Throat Chakra influences the thyroid and has a pacifying effect on the nervous system.

Blue is the color of the sky and sea, and represents open spaces, freedom, and expansiveness. It helps to increase communication on all levels. With this color one learns to forgive and forget the past negative relationships that block the ability to be open to new relationships. Blue also helps us to be more caring and diplomatic.

According to the principles of chromotherapy, the color blue is known for its relaxing effect. It also helps with reducing heat and aids with headaches. It is used to treat throat or vocal imbalances.

Therapeutically, the Throat Chakra is related to our nervous system, eyes, muscles, bones and kidneys. It is also related to the thyroid gland. The color blue is known to assist with infections, hyperthyroid, burns, exhaustion, colic, inflamed gums, ulcers, back pain, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and hyperactivity. Note that this color is not recommended for melancholia or depression.


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